The company “szenario hat couture“ was founded by birgit sophie metzger in 1991. Since then she has made a name for herself in the fashion world, her hats are worn by celebrities like Hollywood star Katherine Heigl and her Royal Highness Diana, Duchess of Württemberg, Princess of Paris and she has awarded the national arts and crafts prize. She is widely known as an ardent champion of utilising and conserving worthwhile craftsmanship skills although her products are anything but traditional. A “Szenario“ fascinator gives the woman who wears it a sensual touch – it is a promise, an erotic allure, a symbol of grace and femininity. The slightest breath will make its feathers move gently...“Basically I always work with two geometric forms, the circle and the triangle. I take these basic shapes and make them three dimensional”, says the designer. “I create people’s favourite objects with a high identification value. To me this represents truthfulness and honesty.”

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